About Us


Smart Interpark (Malaysia) consist a team of dynamic and dedicated individuals whose vast managerial experience and expertise will ensure that the company continuously provides results enabling to grow and expand along with long term benefits to our valued clients as well as associates.

Our Goal

To become the innovative leader in Total Parking Solution by providing a total care culture among our clients and our people

Our Strategy

Creating a total care culture among our clients and our people through our total parking solution.

Our Team

We believe in the philosophy that the strength of a company equals to the total effort of its employees.

Management Team




Dato’ Sivanyanam is a knowledgeable and energetic former banker, possessing more than 10 years’ experience in the banking industry. He had then done car park management as a part time job in the beginning but when an opportunity to start off his own business had come to existence, he took the chance and the rest was history. 24 years down the road he now possesses remarkable knowledge and experience in the parking industry. He is not only well versed in car park management and solutions, but his skills and capability stretched out to even managing computerized car park management systems. This pioneer is always enthusiastic to handle new challenges existing in the industry by finding the appropriate solution needed for smooth operations within car park management. He not only keeps his clients satisfied with his ability to assist them for their concerns but is also able to continuously provide support by assisting and guiding his workforce who support him being the ‘Founding Father’ of this organization. It is with great honour to have him on board as our Executive Chairman.





Datin Nanthakumari has gained over 10 years of experience in the parking industry specializing in car park management and car park privatization projects. Her portfolio includes being the Managing Director of Gerak Kilat Sdn Bhd and heading various projects overseas in countries such as India in the car park management requirements of the country. Her specialization also includes developing a conducive management style for the valet parking services that is suitable for various types of developments including domestic and international Airports. She also in charge to in considering all the financial credentials required for our overseas projects to ensure its success that will benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.


She currently handles the busy day to day Office Administration and is the key person for the Corporate Finance functions hence making her the most knowledgeable person to be our Director of Finance.





A well know and successful corporate figure in the investment business, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong has also gained fame as a respected politician with various political positions held previously with the government. He is also a person who firmly believes on the preservation and education on the multi- cultural diversity in Malaysia.


His academic background is quite intriguing as he possesses a Doctorate in Law and International Business (specialising in Economic Investment) and has received several honorary Doctorates in both Business and Finance from Universities from United Kingdom and United States.


Therefore, his expertise and knowledge are well acknowledged and highly respected thus leading to international recognition especially in several districts and cities in Indonesia who have elected him as the Chief of the House of Representatives to assist and support the duties of the office of the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia. This move is to further foster ties in terms of cultural, education and economy as well as attracting more investors for these the two nations.


He has also been awarded several awards and titles by various ASEAN Sultanates as well as by the British Sovereignty for his outstanding contribution towards the society and country.


He is currently the CEO with Malindo Business and Cultural Centre (MBCC) which operates in the facilitation and conservation of the knowledge gained from of various entrepreneurs, culturist and educators that will benefit the diplomatic and two-way economic ties between the nations. His appointed position of becoming our Director of Business Development that will indeed prove to be beneficial with the knowledge and networking skills posed by Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong.





YBhg. Dato’ Paduka Buani Atiqi bin Dato’ Seri Utama Abdul Rahman is the Head of Department of the Multimedia and Technology division of Malindo Business and Cultural Centre (MBCC). His knowledge and expertise in the Information Technology (IT) sector is backed by his Degree in Information Technology (IT) awarded by University Tenaga Nasional and a Masters in Management Information System from University Kebangsaan Malaysia.


He is also a parliament member for the Youth wing of Malaysia. He is also the Chairman of the Youth MCIO Club of “Sahabat Najib” of N87 in the state of Terengganu. He currently is holds the position of Managing Director of Domain Reit Sdn. Bhd. and Openstack Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur. Indeed, it is an opportunity to have him as our Director of Human Resources and Administration to constantly support the administration and ensuring adequate human resources within our organisation to meet the demanding needs within the business world.





Datuk Haji Mohd Zaki is a former UITM graduate in Business Administration, majoring in Credit Management. He has also done a professional course in Management and Discipline with MECA Consultancy. He had also done a course in Self and Team Actualization Retreat with JR CONSULT. His has previously worked as a custom officer for 20 years but had decided for an early retirement to venture into his own business. He has vast experience in custom clearing in the import and export industry as well as in public relations. After retirement from the custom, he has previously managed Proton Edar dealership in sales for 15 years gaining experiences in both management and financing as well as banking. He is also active in the community by doing his social obligations such as being the Vice President of the Neighbourhood Watch program that is organized by the department of National Unity and integration. He has been awarded a recognition letter from the Inspector General of Police for his services in both public affairs and community policing. It is indeed with great pleasure to have him on board as our Director of Operations and Audit.

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